Take me back, after your fun


Exhibited at Co-Making Matters, Berlin, April 2024

For this exhibition, I fabricated a series of 30 Bycocket hats to then be distributed to audience members. The bycocket is a style of hat that was fashionable for both men and women in Western Europe from the 13th to the 16th century. The hats are placed on a wooden frame held together exclusively by wedged inserts.

In todays context, the bycocket hat takes on the appearance of a movie prop or part of a fancy dress costume. The placement of these hats in this exhibition reminds us that these objects were once host to a new design. An avante-garde item of apparel that eclipsed the form that came before it. Fashion is a primary driver of obsolescence. The tumultuous current of fads and styles clashing into each other inevitably leaves many to sink to the depths of cultural memory.

But, no matter how old it may seem, every object was once new at a time.

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