Broom Bridge residents

Polylactic Acid, Soil, Moss, Flock
80cm x 60cm x 60cm
Exhibited at DIVA, Dublin, Ireland May2023

In 1843 the Irish mathematician William Hamilton was working on methods of representing three dimensional space through mathematics. One day while he was walking across Broom Bridge bridge in Dublin,Ireland a spark of inspiration struck him. He realized that he needed to add a fourth dimension to his calculations to represent the 3rd dimension. This spark of inspiration was so abrupt that he carved the equation into the stone of the bridge there and then. We now know this equation today as a quaternion. 

Quaternions are the basis of all modern computer rendering and CGI,without these equations the concept of higher dimensional space would not exist.

The first truly extra-human object to ever be conceived, a thing that is one 'd' up from everything we know. Upon imagining an object of such unique nature in this universe, said object has no choice but to depart from the mind of its creator and float around Dublin for eternity.







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