Fine particle visualisation

A fine particle visualisation system is a system that displays the weak scattering of light that happens when a fine particle collides with a laser beam. By using a ultra high sensitivity video camera the system can visualize occurrences of fine particles and their movement in a real time video recording.  The system is useful if you:
  • want to find out the cause of contamination.
  • want to visualize airflow with tracer (mist, smoke, etc.) in the amount as little as possible.
  • want to evaluate not only floating particulates but also foreign materials sticking to product surfaces.
  • want to evaluate large-sized particles and dust rather than particulates.
  • suffer from the situation where the contamination occurred within production equipment and it is hard to solve.
  • want to evaluate misty materials, rather than particles.
  • want to optimize the layout of clean rooms and production facilities.

These are the tools that are needed:

Ultra high sensitive video camera
Laser light sheet source 'Parallel Eye H' for the fine particle visualization

Laser light sheet source 'Parallel Eye F' for the flow visualization

Image processing package for the fine particle visualization


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